Straight Line Contracting LLC. has continued to provide quality services throughout the state of Wisconsin since 2007. With our professional staff we strive to become the premiere leader in the spray foam and polyurea industry by incorporating our values in all that we do. To treat every customer, vendor and employee with integrity and respect. To provide a safe work environment and an atmosphere where employees feel valued so that our customers’ can have a cost effective solution to insulation and protective coatings.

Specialized Services

Spray Foam Insulation
Spray foam insulation is an alternative to traditional building insulation such as fiberglass. A two-component mixture composed of isocyanate and polyol resin comes together at the tip of a gun, and forms an expanding foam that is sprayed onto roof tiles, concrete slabs, into wall cavities, or through holes drilled in into a cavity of a finished wall.

Open Cell Foam Insulation
Open cell is a type of foam where the tiny cells are not completely closed. Open cell is less expensive because it uses fewer chemicals. It is a very good air barrier but does not provide any type of water vapor barrier. It is much more sponge-like in appearance. It is often used for interior walls because it provides sound reduction. It is not recommended for outdoor applications.

Closed Cell Foam Insulation
Closed cell foam insulation is much denser than open cell. It has a smaller, more compact cell structure. It is a very good air barrier as well as a water vapor barrier. It is often used in roofing projects or other outdoor applications, but can be used anywhere in the home.

Injection Foam
Slow rise premium closed call spray foam injected into block and wall cavities

Chemical Resistant Coatings
Chemical resistant systems offer resistance to corrosion and abrasiion resulting in longer durability, easier lubricating and esentially a longer life of your metal and steel properties. These compounds are used in chemical processing plants, agricultural applications, manufacturing facilities, secondary containments, as well as many other applications.

Seamless Roof Systems
Seamless roofs are far more durable than asphalt shingles and wood shakes, and will retain that brand-new look for many years to come. And it can help save you thousands of dollars in roof repairs and replacements down the line.

Sanitary Sewer Coatings

Pond Lining

Cold Storage Facilities

Old Steel Roof Coatings


Tank Linings

Truck Bed Liner
Protects your truck from unwanted dents and rust.

Main Services

Utility Dump Truck Bed Spray Liner

Picture of a utility dump truck bed sprayed with an anti-static; anti-corrosive polyurea protective coating.

Food Canning Plant Waste Water Tank

Food canning plant stored waste water from plant in tank prior to irrigating near by fields. Due to continuous washing of tanks floors began to deteriorate.

Home Roof Spray Insulation

Sprayed 7.5 inches of two pound closed-cell foam insulation directly to the roof deck.

Silver Lining Membrane Spray

Restore old rusty steel roofing with a warranty. Before and after a 8400 sqft roof deck sprayed with SLM (Silver Lining Membrane)