Protective Coating Applied to Steel Floor

A food manufacturing facility in southern Wisconsin contracted Straight Line Contracting to apply a protective coating over their existing diamond plated stainless steel floor in one of their smokehouses. The current floor was corroding due to the high alkaline detergents used in the cleaning process. The company was considering replacing the entire floor until Straight Line Contracting provided a cost effective alternative.

Straight Line Contracting mechanically abraded the entire floor and 8? up the side walls by blasting the surfaces and creating a 3 mil profile. Straight Line then primed the surfaces with a primer specified by the manufacture of the coating to ensure proper adhesion and coated the area with a specifically formulated two-part high chemical resistant polyurea coating. The coating was applied at 80 mil dry-film thickness and created a fully adhered seamless membrane. The product cures in approximately 30 seconds which drastically reduces the amount of time the smokehouse was out of production.

Straight Line Contracting LLC was able to complete the project over the weekend without disrupting ongoing production in the facility as well as saving the company over $300,000 to remove and replace the floor.