URETHANE PRIMER/BASE COAT SYSTEM 100% solids is a high performance, two-component Urethane primer/base coat system designed for use on concrete, wood and blasted steel. Bubble-free films can be produced 50 mils (1.3mm) thick. Working times are adjustable by selective additions to the resin blend. It also exhibits a low sensitivity to substrate moisture, leaving only minimal bubbling when applied to damp surfaces.


Concrete and wood primer for polyurethane and polyurea spray coatings
Industrial flooring, roofing, decking, truck bed liners, pipe-line and tank coatings


Penetrates and seals the surface, leaving a smooth, pinhole and bubble-free coating
Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates
Good physical properties
Outstanding stability at low temperatures


Working at different volume ratios offers a variety of stiffness and flexibility
Primer may be applied on damp surfaces with no bubbles or foaming
Flexibility to adjust the cure profile to match customer processes with the adjustment of catalyst
Long work times (up to 45 minutes)


Color: Clear Amber
Resin Type:Urethane
Theoretical DFT Coverage (per mil)*:1500 ²/ga;
Recommended DFT thickness, mil**:5-10 mils
Mix Ratio:1A:2B by vol
May adjust for cure time
Pot Life @ 25°C:<45 minutes
Drying Time ***: 
Tact Free1-4 hours
Re-Coat Time, Min1 hour
Re-Coat Time, Max12 hours
Dry Film Properties: 
Tensile Strength, psi2,400
Elongation, %145
Modulus of Elasticity47,900 psi
Tear Strength, pli350
Polyurea Top Coat Adhesion (elcometer) psi>500
Concrete Pull test>450 psi
* Coverage rate is estimated based upon product composition and takes no allowance for material loss during application. Actual coverage may vary depending on applicator and surface porosity and texture.

** Optimal DFT thickness will depend on condition and surface of the substrate.

*** Drying time is listed at 75°F and 50% relative humidity. Drying time will vary with surface temperature, air circulation, humidity and film thickness.

Surface Preparation: General: Surface must be properly prepared prior to application. This could entail shot blasting or grinding, scrubbing, high pressure detergent washing, steam cleaning or solvent wiping of the surface to remove dirt, oil, grease pollutants and other contaminants. Allow the surface to thoroughly dry. Once dry, remove loose or excess mortar or other material that may work to impair adhesion.

Mixing/Stirring: To prepare the system for application, mix the appropriate volume of materials together for approximately 2(two) minutes. At this point, a cloudy liquid will result. Shortly thereafter, a slight exothermic will become noticeable and the mixture will increase in viscosity. The actual working time will depend on the resin blend selected, the mix ratio and the presence of any accelerator.

Application: Material can be applied by brush, roller or low pressure spray equipment. Ensure product is applied in an even and uniform manner, making sure recesses and edges are thoroughly coated.

Handling and storage: The reaction of isocyanates Part A with water, leads to the formation of insoluble ureas and carbon dioxide gas, which gas result in pressure buildup inside closed containers. Therefore, extreme care must be taken to assure containers used remain dry. Containers that have become contaminated with moisture should not be subsequently sealed; otherwise, a hazardous increase in pressure may result.

OR 611: Is resistant to short-term exposure to low temperatures. However, low temperatures will result in increased viscosity, which makes handling more difficult. It is not advisable to store URETHANE PRIMER/BASE COAT SYSTEM for long periods below 32°F (0°C). The recommended storage temperature for URETHANE PRIMER/BASE COAT SYSTEM is 60° -95°F. A small amount of insoluble solids in the A-Side liquid product does not usually cause difficulties in handling or product performance. However, if necessary, the liquid product may be filtered through a suitable in-line filter.


The technical data and any other printed information furnished by EFP LLC are true and accurate to the best of our knowledge. Aliphatic Polyurea conforms to in house quality control procedures and should be considered free of defects. The data provided is believed to be reliable and is offered solely for evaluation. The use of this product is beyond the control of the seller therefore the buyer assumes all risks of use and handling whether done in a matter that is in accordance with the provided posted directions or not. EFP LLC makes no warranty; expressed or implied, of its products and shall not be liable for indirect or consequential damage in any event