Sanitary Sewer

Product Description

100% solids polyurea coating
2 component spray applied
Polyurea elastomer
A tough, rapid set , high build product
VOC compliant and moisture tolerant
Free of pinholes & holidays
No blisters or crater
Cures without shrinkage
Class 1 rated elastomeric coating

Primary Application

Digesters and tanks
Exterior pipe coating
Secondary containment over concrete, fiberglass, dense foam, wood, w/geo-textile, plastic and steel
Sewer wet wells, manhole covers to protect from hydrogen sulfide degradation

Sanitary Sewer Polyurea Color

100% solids shall be tinted dark gray, black, brown, silver, blue, and green
Custom colors available


OR611and ORDC primers are recommended

Chemical Resistance

Good Hydrolytic stability to 300° F
Good resistance to inorganic bases, acids and hydrocarbon solvents
Fair resistance to oxygenated and chlorinated solvents
High chemical resistance-see chemical resistance sheet

Storage Life

One (1) year in an unopened container
Temperature not less than 40° F (5° C)
Temperature not above 100° F (38° C)

Product Advantages

SeamlessBack in service sooner
Long open applicat ion windowWide product applicat ions
Hi Temp RangeReduced labor cost
No VOCAbrasion resistant
Easy high film buildFire resistant membrane
Tough filmCan be water immersed in 2 hours
Long coat ing lifeVertical or horizontal application
Self extinguishingCures at temps (-) 40° F/40° C

Application Equipment

1:1 high pressure plural component equipment , must maintain minimum temp of 160° F and 2200 PSI during application.

Coverage: 40 sq ft per gallon @ 40 mils/or1600 sq ft @ 1 mil.

Application: High Impact

Parts bins, floors, pipes and pre-cast concrete

Typical Physical Properties

Tensile StrengthASTM D-6384500 psi
Elongation:ASTM D-628350% Min
Hardness (shore D)ASTM D-224070(±) shore D
Tear ResistanceASTM D-624200 lbs/in (±)
Fire & SmokeASTM E-84<20/400
Ratio A/B:1:1 by volume
FlexibilityASTM D-1737Passed
Bond StrengthASTM D-4541
Water vapor permeabilityASTM E-960.02 perms
ImpactASTM G-14 steel pipe1650lbs/in
Class 1 elastomericASTM E-84Passed
CompressibilityASTM G-6957450(±100)
Part Recovery (%)ASTM D-638 (modified)67% Min
Surface hardnessASTM D-224070(±) Shore D
Abrasion ResistanceASTM D-40606mg loss H-101000 gms, 1,000 cycles; 40-mic rons loss 2,800 circulat ing 35% SiC & 5% Fe slurry
Oxygen permeabilityNi 1 at Kg/cm² feed pressure
Accelerated weather2,000 hr weather meterslight color change
Salt sprayASTM 117-73No effect at 10,000 hr
Water absorptionASTM D-4710.5%
Cathodic disbondmentASTM G-81.5V, 3% NaCl 30 days, Radius of disbondment 6 MM
Cathodic DisbondmentASTM G-8No effect after 6 wks in Seawater @ 1200mV
Volume ResistivityASTM D-25710.0 hm-cm
Temperature ResistanceWet immersion @ 150° F (65°C) max continuous dry 300° F (93°C) max
Temperature resistancelow temp (-) 129°C max
350° F (120°C) max
Thermal conductivityASTM C-1770.000723 cal/sec cm² C per cm @ 20° C
Cure time10-15 seconds (can be adjusted)
Recoat timeUp to 12 hours


The technical data and any other printed information furnished by EFP LLC are true and accurate to the best of our knowledge. Aliphatic Polyurea conforms to in house quality control procedures and should be considered free of defects. The data provided is believed to be reliable and is offered solely for evaluation. The use of this product is beyond the control of the seller therefore the buyer assumes all risks of use and handling whether done in a matter that is in accordance with the provided posted directions or not. EFP LLC makes no warranty; expressed or implied, of its products and shall not be liable for indirect or consequential damage in any event