Mining Putty

(Mining Putty)

100% solids
1:1 by volume
Polyurea urethane mastic coating
Contains no VOC’s

Primary Applications

Intended for use as a trowel or brush applied
coating which can be used for repairing 100% solids
fast set coating systems or small areas that can be coated using the brush or trowel.

Chemical Resistance

Good hydrolytic stability to 200° F.
Excellent resistance to inorganic bases, acids, and hydrocarbon solvents
Good resistance to oxygenated and chlorinated solvents.


ISO component contains polymeric isocyanate requiring fresh air supply respirator, gloves and protective clothing if applied by spraying. Protective equipment is not normally needed for brush or trowel application.

Storage Stability

Six months in unopened containers at 50-85° F

Typical Physical Properties

Tensile Strength:ASTMD-412500
Hardness (shore D) ASTM-D-224040-45
Tear Strength (PLI)ASTM D-624250
Ratio A/BVolume1:1
Density B side (dependent on color) 8.5-9.5
Density A side9.3 lbs/gallon 
Flash Pointabove 200° F 
Viscosity A side950 cps 
Viscosity B side700 cps 


1:1 by volume

Reactivity and cure time

Reacts to yield a thixotropic consistency in 10-15 seconds. Material then slowly polymerizes to set in 1-2 hours and cures in 16-24 hours. Accelerant can be added for more rapid cure times.


Can be applied using heated airless plural component equipment. However, it is normally mixed in small quantities for application by bush or trowel.


Clean equipment with Toluene, Xylene, oxygenated or chlorinated solvents. Fully cured equipment may require Methylene Chloride or M-Pyrol based paint stripper for cleaning.


Standard color is black and white. Custom colors are available.

Accelerant Additive

The accelerant additive may be added to the ORMPH or the Mining Putty at the rate of 2-5 drops per pint of mixed product. The number of drops is measured by the number of drops off of a 3/8” to 7/16” wide flat blade screwdriver that has been dipped into the bottle of accelerant. This will speed up the product cure from mix up to tack free and Sandable to about 30 minutes. To adjust this time, add or subtract drops of the accelerant.


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