(Bedliner Soft)

Product Description

100% solids, two component polyurea hybrid coating
Contains no VOC’s
Good resistance to inorganic bases, acids and hydrocarbon solvents
Fair resistance to oxygenated and chlorinated solvent
Good resistance to hot water up to 180° F

Primary Application

Use as a non immersion grade tank lining for steel and concrete tanks
Lining of material handling equipment
Coating of urethane or expanded polystyrene foam insulation
Waterproofing of structures
Protection of concrete from acid and alkaline materials
Use as an environmental containment barrier with or without geotextiles
Used for lining interior of truck beds
Use as tank lining material


Standard is black. Contact Enhanced Flooring Products LLC for additional colors.


12 months in unopened containers at 50-90° F.

Iso component contains polymeric isocyanate requiring fresh air supply


Respirator, gloves and protective clothing during application


ORPR511 is the recommended primer for concrete, wood and metal substrates


Thoroughly mix the colored component in order to re-suspend any pigment that may have settled out. Apply using hot airless spray equipment capable of producing a minimum of 1500 PSI and maintaining an application temp of 150° F. The mixing ratio shall be maintained within 0.95 to 1.1 volume of iso to 1 volume of poly. Impingement mixing, air purge spray guns are suggested for ease of application. ORBL gels in 10 seconds and cures to handle in 15-20 seconds when applied using hot airless spray equipment. Allow 1-4 hours to cure completely before placing coated items into service. Other variations of this product include the same polymer system supplied with a mixing ratio of one volume iso to two of poly. A slightly softer version with 40 Shore D hardness is also available. Other properties that can be enhanced include antistatic properties and low coefficient of friction additives to aid in unloading bulk material and enhance wear properties. Please contact Enhanced Flooring Products LLC for further information.

Typical Physical Properties

Tensile Strength:ASTM D4122400
Elongation: ASTM D412350%
Tear Strength (PLI)ASTM D-624375
Hardness (shore A)ASTM D224085
Abrasion resistanceExcellent 
Viscosity B sideCPS500-600
Viscosity A sideCPS500-600
Ratio A/BBV1:1
Density B side1.025 
Density A side1.14 
Flash pointASTM D56>720° F
VOC TestingCAN/ULC-S774 P>200° F
Weight8.5 lbs/gallon 
Gel Time25 to 30 seconds 
Tack Free Time10 minutes 
Foot Traffic1 hour 

Typical Physical Properties


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