Aliphatic Polyurea

Product Description

Ponding Water:

Two component aliphatic polyurea
All of the great properties of a polyurea
U.V. stable
Will not discolor
100% solids
Conforms to USDA and FDA

Product Uses

Can be used for coating concrete, metals, foams, wood and geotextiles or other outdoor applications where color stability is important.

Product Applications

Secondary Containment
Wastewater and pool linings
Cold storage areas
Wash bay and car wash
Cooling towers
Water proofing
Roof coatings
Industrial flooring
Meat processing plants

Shelf Life

1 year in an unopened container, storage temperature 50°-90° F


If needed, OR811 / OR611

Surface preparation

Call EFP LLC for this informational guide.

Adhesion properties:

Concrete (no primer)400 PSI concrete failure
Steel (epoxy primer) 900 PSI primer failure
Wood (no primer)250 PSI delaminating

Chemical resistance sheet call EFP LLC

Product coverage information call EFP LLC

One (1) gallon covers 160 sq. ft. @ 10 mils

Typical Process Conditions

Resin Temperature (°F) “B”150°-160° F
Isocyanate Temperature (°F) “A” 150°-160° F
Viscosity Part “A” (cps)675
Viscosity Part “B” (cps)750
Mix Ratio by Volume1:1
Gel Time (seconds)15 sec.
Tack Free Time (seconds)<25
Spray Pressure2,000 – 2,500 psi

Coating Properties

Tabor AbrasionASTM D-406080
Hardness, Shore A ASTM D-224095
Tensile Strength (psi)ASTM D-4123950
Elongation, ultimate (%)ASTM D-412475
Tear Strength, Die C, (pli)ASTM D-624425
100% Modulus (psi)ASTM D-4121750
Moisture Vapor Transmission (Perm Value)ASTM E96-80<0.10
Flash PointASTM Penske-Martin<200
Weather abilityNo evidence of discoloration or failure after 2000 hours (Xenon Arc)


Surface preparation is MOST important (follow tech sheet)
OR811 or OR611 primer will be needed
Products applied with hi pressure


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