6:4 UV Stable Polyaspartic

Product Description

Ready to use single component formulation
water based urethane polymer
Excellent water resistance
Outstanding mar and scuff resistance
Dries rapidly
Exceptional water resistance
Rivals typical solvent borne, oil modified urethanes
Passes MFMA criteria for water-based finishes

Primary Application

Excels as a wood finish
Excellent adhesion to concrete, tile, steel, wood and other substrates

Typical Physical Properties

Appearanceoff white emulsion
Solids, % by weight29.0
Solids, % by volume26.8
Viscosity, cP@25C-50
Brookfield, LV2, 60rpm
Density, lbs/gallon8.6
VOC level (as supplied)
Freeze/Thaw Stablepasses 3 cycles
Coverage Rate1100-1200 sq.ft/gal/mil

Performance Information

Konig Hardness (seconds)80
Grit feed taber abrasion
(mg loss, 500 cycles, 1000g)
Waterno effect
Sodano effect
Beerno effect
Formula 409Slight visual damage, full recovery
100% EthanolSoftening, full recovery
50% EthanolSlight softening, full recovery
70% Isopropyl AlcoholSlight softening, full recovery

Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dirt, oil grease, and other contaminants. High pressure washing with detergent is preferable. However, washing with a suitably diluted solvent alkaline cleaner or equivalent liquid detergent is adequate, provided that sufficient scrubbing to loosen contaminants is done and if followed by a through rinsing. After cleaning, all surfaces must be allowed to dry completely.


Not recommended.


One year, protect from freezing in shipment and storage.


Mix thoroughly before using. Slight separation may occur during storage. 6:4 UV Stable Polyaspartic is a ready to use material. It can be spray applied using a Hudson type ag sprayer, as well as through conventional or airless spray equipment. Safety glasses with side shields and latex gloves are recommended when transferring from the shipping container to the sprayer. If using a Hudson, adjust spray nozzle to achieve a uniform spray pattern with a 3-4 foot area. If using an airless spray less equipment, use a .015-.019” reversible tip with a 40-50°F fan angle.


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